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Heaven Sent Rosaries is a family owned and operated business.  I have been
making Rosaries and creating flower petal jewelry for years and love having
the ability to provide others with beautiful keepsakes.  These keepsakes can be
passed down through generations.  Together, with my sister who has been blessed
with an amazing gift for creativity, we will constantly be bringing our customers
beautiful new ways to preserve life's moments.  These beautiful keepsakes can
keep the memory of a loved one lost but may also become a memory of a joyful
event such as; a wedding, the birth of a child, Communion and Confirmation.
Flower Petal Rosaries or floral Jewelry make wonderful holiday gifts.  

We place love and care into every bead we create, beginning from the moment
your flowers are received.  Flowers that are not already dry need to go through a
drying process.  Once dried they will be ground into small pieces and mixed with
other ingredients.  Mixing the petals with other ingredients allows us to make a
bead that is stronger and will not be black like 100% flower petal beads are.  This
also allows you to choose a color different than the flowers sent if you would like.  
Each bead is then hand rolled, hardened and ready to be made into a beautiful
keepsake.  There is a lot of time involved in creating each finished piece. The
quality of our work is very important to us.  We will never opt for quantity over
quality.  We ask that you please be patient while your order is being processed.  
Every  effort will be made to return your finished order as quickly as possible.

If you are a funeral home or florist and would like to find out more about our
partnerships please e-mail your inquiries to  
donna@heavensent rosaries.com.
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